As the creators of the Authentic Dating Secrets program, Joshua Hathaway and Robert Schwenkler are the go-to men when it comes to dating and sexual mastery. They know the most common missteps that men make in the romance and sex arena, and offer the remedies in this episode. With intention, authenticity, and integrity, every man is capable of a loving, revitalizing relationship. We also cover how to create desire without demand, why the nice guy mentality is a trap, and why dating is a rite of passage.

Show Notes:

  • Why self love and self respect are requirements to a healthy relationship
  • Do women experience more or less sexual desire than men?
  • Why safety is the key foundation to creating desire
  • Why tip-toeing around women and hiding sexual energy PREVENTS safety
  • How watching porn takes a toll, even if its hidden
  • Is dating a rite of passage?
  • Why knowing how to get into and out of short term relationships is a prerequisite for long term relational success
  • How do you express desire without demand?
  • Why your truth and authentic self are a GIFT to women
  • What is the friend zone? What is nice guy manipulation?
  • Why the path of intimacy is one of the most healing paths 
  • Is “locker room” talk healthy or dangerous?
  • How to successfully and respectfully give women compliments
  • How can you be honest without being “that guy”?
  • What can you do TODAY to level up in the realm of dating and relating?
  • Why anything worth having will require a risk or investment

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