James Silvas is a mindset specialist and founder of the “Be That 1%” brand and podcast. He has studied the brain and human psyche to discover the keys to creating the most optimal mindset, and shares his findings with us. It’s so SIMPLE, yet we tend to overlook our mindset, and opt for more complicated, external solutions. Listen in as James drops some truth bombs, including why risk is better than comfort, how to reprogram disempowering beliefs, and what we can do to jump start transformation. 

Show Notes:

  • How fatherhood creates a new, powerful “why”
  • How to take responsibility without feeling guilt
  • Why new experiences lead to evolution and growth
  • What is the victim mindset, and what can we do to pull ourselves out?
  • Why we’ll repeat the same lessons until we pull back and notice the patterns
  • Why it’s nearly impossible to identify all our areas for potential growth without another person or group.
  • Is the brain wired to solely survive?
  • How we can reprogram disempowering beliefs from our childhood
  • How our mind finds evidence to confirm our beliefs
  • If you aren’t trying to challenge yourself or see things differently, you will believe what you’ve always believed, and experience what you’ve always experienced.
  • Why our brain will choose the easiest option, because of how we evolved as a species
  • Can we change without pain?
  • How comfort gives the illusion of safety
  • Why is it difficult to take risks?
  • Book Recommendation: “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” By Carol Dweck

How to Connect With James Silvas:

Instagram | @james_silvas check the linktree in the comments for all things James

He leads mastermind groups, 1on1 coaching, and is always happy to help – just reach out on social media