Just 3 years after stepping into his first men’s group, Mark Rose has revolutionized his life. His story proves that our lives can be completely transformed in a short amount of time, if we have the proper support and a tenacious mindset. In an episode full of practical advice and lessons, Mark shares simple shifts to help you re-imagine your entire life. Other topics covered include: what it means to father another man, why choosing safety can be dangerous, and how to forge resiliency.

Show Notes:

  • Why resilience is key characteristic of manhood
  • How a solely comfortable life prevents us from developing our resiliency
  • The drawbacks of helicopter parenting, and how it affects the maturity process
  • How constantly striving for safety can create unexpected problems 
  • What’s it like to step into men’s work for the first time
  • What can you receive from actively doing men’s work?
  • How having too many options can be overwhelming
  • Why the most powerful visions are fluid
  • Are we ready before we think we are?
  • Why all men have valuable experience and can father one another
  • Why a man who doesn’t complete his journey thru knighthood is bound to repeat it
  • Book Recommendation – “Creative Quest” by Quest Love of The Roots  
  • Why handling adversity is a vital skill
  • In a men’s team, why don’t we just give each other the answers?

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