Numbing out has become the new normal. Our guest, Mike Sagun, wants to change that by teaching men to feel their emotions. There is a way to feel without giving emotions full power over our lives. As both a gay man and a man of color, Mike has a valuable, unique perspective on men’s work. He speaks about the power of diversity and inclusion, the masculine’s responsibility to healing, and the importance of establishing safety before diving deep. Listen in and feel the love!

Show Notes:

  • How Mike was introduced to mens work  
  • How to make men’s work accessible to men of color and the LGBTQ community
  • Why established safety leads to breakthroughs
  • The importance of honoring diversity and healing past injustices
  • What is our collective responsibility to the Black community?
  • Why so many men numb their feelings 
  • How to fully feel our emotions, but also not let them run our lives
  • What are we responsible for?

Connect with Mike Sagun:

Website | – Sign up for his email newsletter and learn about the launch of the next cohort of his men’s group coaching program. It begins 8/17

Instagram | @mike.sagun & @theunshakableman