RMP 129 - Why Choosing The Uncomfortable Will Boost Your Masculine with Dylan Magaster

Dylan Magaster is an adventurer, YouTuber, storyteller, and sustainable living proponent. His swashbuckling life is possible because he trusts that the uncomfortable path will provide abundance and growth. Who do you become when life becomes uncomfortable? We dive into this topic and also explore how to rise out of depressed confusion, how our thoughts influence physical reality, and how mentors help us achieve success. Dylan is a passionate explorer with a motivational message for every man, so listen in!

Show Notes:

  • Why the best way to learn is by jumping in
  • Why responsibility separates the boys from the men
  • What life changing course of action Dylan took after realizing the standard American dream was not his path
  • How Tim Ferriss, Jason Moore, and other successful empowering mentors can be huge resources.
  • How a shattered worldview ultimately lead to greater understanding and compassion
  • How our mental state determines our physical reality
  • What’s it like being in foreign country where you look different, don’t speak the local language, and know NO ONE.
  • You don’t stumble into greatness. It comes with consistent intentional action. 
  • Just because you haven’t made it YET, doesn’t mean you’ve failed
  • Why depression and suicidal thoughts can be viewed as warning signs that something is off balance
  • The leader always assumes responsibility
  • How rites of passage are vital to masculinity
  • How strong masculine role models can uplift a generation

Connect With Dylan:

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Instagram | @dylanmagaster


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