RMP 126 - Own Your Role In Demolishing Oppressive Systems with Maceo Paisley

When you tell your children about how you reacted to George Floyd’s death and subsequent protests, will you be able to speak with pride? Maceo Paisley is back on the podcast to talk all things race, media narratives, police brutality, and most importantly, what we can do about it. His views are striking and fresh. Professionally, he is a cultural consultant for organizations, making him incredibly insightful on this topic. His greatest gift is that he does it all from a healthy, embodied masculine. 


“Don’t Let The Shame Of Yesterday Keep You From Who You Could Be Today” – Maceo


Show Notes:

  • Where has the world been on issues like police brutality for the last 100/50/25/5 years?
  • What role does the quarantine and pre-existing political unease play in the current equality protests?
  • America has plenty of shadows in the closet, beyond simple police brutality
  • How does providing care for others fit into a masculine way of being?
  • How can we cultivate our citizenry to be the most educated, resourced, and resilient?
  • Why media narratives can serve our interests, but ultimately aren’t accurate or helpful in the long run.
  • Why is white supremacy a lie? Because it shrinks our identity and squeezes us into insufficient boxes
  • How to avoid tokenization, novelization, and exotification in order to genuinely appreciate different cultures.
  • The number of racist individuals is nearly irrelevant when the entire system is racially oppressive
  • What role does shame and guilt play?
  • Why the subconscious beliefs about scarcity and power determine whether you are acting like a racist
  • John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” episode about George Floyd and police
  • Are our rights in the “Bill of Rights” dependable and constant for ALL Americans?


Connect With Maceo:


Instagram | @maceopaisley

Twitter | @maceopaisley


He brings aesthetic sensibility and an artistic mind to any business or endeavor. He also does cultural consulting to advise organizations seeking a conscious image