Do you want more women in your life? Your depth of PRESENCE will determine how safe you feel. This inner strength is magnetic and ATTRACTIVE. Bridget Nielsen is an artist, intuitive healer, influential YouTuber, and community leader with a special gift in explaining the metaphysical dynamics between men and women. Listen in as we investigate why many men have abandoned their masculine energy, how objectification culture affects our sex lives, and what steps you can take to reclaim your masculinity.

Show Notes:

  • How cultural norms make men out to be sex craved animals
  • How objectification culture affects young men and women
  • Why many men have entirely abandoned their masculine energies
  • Why a man in his feminine will have trouble keeping a primarily feminine partner
  • The importance of knowing which partner will play the feminine or masculine role
  • Is the spiritual community shifting into a better balance with their masculine & feminine balance?
  • Why financial success doesn’t belong to the masculine or feminine exclusively.
  • The seemingly paradoxical dance between Intuition and Logic
  • What types of safety can men provide for women?
  • Where does clarity come from? Experiencing and experimenting!
  • Why a parents job is to love their kids, keep them alive, and lead by example
  • The differences between solitude and isolation


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