Warrior or Worrier? Which energy you choose will heavily impact EVERYTHING you touch. Blase Grinner is an epic force and leader in this brotherhood movement. Using relatable stories, Blase will inspire you to step into your naturally confident masculine self. He also covers how to handle unsupportive family members, what makes a man ATTRACTIVE, and how to live in the realm of possibility. 

Show Notes:

  • How to hold the masculine energy outside of mens work containers
  • “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde
  • How to handle family members who are not supportive of your healing journey
  • What defines a leader?
  • Why just being you allows other men to elevate to that high level
  • Attractive men don’t need anything from anyone
  • What it’s like when you allow yourself to be seen for the first time
  • What’s the best thing that can possibly happen? Head in that direction!
  • How to live in the realm of possibility
  • There will be pain regardless of our decisions – how will we deal with it?


Connect With Blase:

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