RMP 123 - Scrambled Gender Roles & A New Masculine Model with Andrew Smiler, Ph.D

Andrew Smiler is a professional therapist and acclaimed author in the masculine realm. From thirty years of observing, leading, and researching men, he has a well of experience that will profoundly inform your understanding of the male psyche. In this episode, we investigate models of masculinity by considering both the historical, cultural implications  and dynamic, healthy models for the future.

Show Notes:

  • What does culture say that a man should be? 
  • Why different cultural groups have drastically different perceptions of masculinity
  • Why a lack of consensus around masculinity perpetuates confusion
  • When did saying “I love you” to another straight man become taboo or uncomfortable?
  • Why traditional cultures believe that after a rite of passage, the male will be able to provide, protect, and procreate. 
  • Does the feminine still need men to provide, protect, and procreate? 
  • Are these traditional models of masculinity still relevant in the modern world?
  • How do we integrate the more traditional, historic models of masculinity into a more tech heavy, gender neutral world?
  • Why the way we treat our elders reveals our collective maturity


Connect with Andrew:

Website: AndrewSmiler.com – find his books, therapy, and blog posts. 

For those with a teenage boy in your life, check out his best hit – “Dating and Sex: A Guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy”