Back by popular demand, Chief Phillip Scott returns to the RMP and offers sage counsel in these highly factionalized times. Do you feel the interconnectedness with ALL of life? If not, deep gratitude, prayer, and dedication to the red road is the path to ultimate connection. Chief Phillip expands on these topics, and reflects on clarifying your vision, re-balancing natural rhythms, and dying a good death.

Show Notes:

  • Why the indigenous perspective holds bacteria and virus to be ancestors. 
  • Must everything be war? Or is nature re-balancing herself?
  • How to use this quarantine as a time to redefine and clarify your vision
  • How can one draw the most wisdom from this quarantine?
  • Why connection to sacred practices is the most helpful thing we can do. 
  • Why conflict brings out the truth of who we are
  • What does it mean to die a good death?
  • The path calls to the individual, though we usually view it the other way
  • Why a way of life is much more than a set of practices
  • The red road takes ~10 years of apprenticeship to be regarded as a medicine worker
  • In this quickening, we are looking for shortcuts
  • How prayer is both expression and nourishment
  • “Gratitude are the wings of prayer” – Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa


Connect with Chief Phillip Scott:

Facebook – Ancestral Voice, Institute of Indigenous Lifeways

Most effective way to reach him is by cell – # (415) 310-0981 – Call or text for info on ceremonies, pilgrimages, and rites of passages