RMP 121 - Dominate Life With Rock Solid Sexual Confidence with Ryan Thomas

SEXUAL SHAME – Have you felt it? While its energy can be clingy, the shift into liberation is attainable with intentional practice. This transformation into confidence infuses our ENTIRE LIVES with vitality. The creator of The Intimate Lifestyle platform, Ryan Thomas, is dedicated to lifting men out of these shameful sexual patterns and into empowerment. In this episode, you will learn how to access sexual freedom, why we are afraid of our sexual powers, and how to act on our fantasies responsibly.

Show Notes:

  • How do men handle feelings of resentment?
  • How does a man navigate his sexual desires?
  • Why boys are concerned with their own gratification in the sexual arena
  • Is your giving truly selfless? Or are you hiding behind an identity of being a giver?
  • Why are so many men afraid of their true selves?
  • Shame is an attempt to reject certain parts of yourself
  • Simply because we are grossed out by any sexual act does not mean it is objectively wrong
  • Being the receiver or submissive does not make you any more or less of a man.
  • Our inner boys want to hide any aspects of ourselves that we believe others will perceive as weak
  • How performance anxiety permeates into our sex lives
  • What is eros? And why is it necessary for sexual intimacy?
  • How do you build sexual tension?
  • Sometimes speaking or acting out our fantasies removes their compulsive energy
  • When we stop pushing away the pain, it’s pressure lessens. 
  • The final stage in clearing shame is by sharing it with trustworthy brothers or sisters. 

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