RMP 119 - The LionHearted Hero Slays With Mercy with Trevor Spring

In our politically correct and risk avoidant society, uncaging the warrior spirit can be uncomfortable and disorienting. Luckily, the world has Trevor Spring. He’s a major force in this masculine movement, electrifying men through his retreats, coaching, and workshops for the last 17 years. While he uses physicality to activate primal masculine energies, their applications run far beyond the arena and boost all our relations. Listen in for practical tips on standing in your power, expressing difficult emotions, and tracking subtle somatic clues in both self and others. Listen in and RISE UP! 

Show Notes:

  • A full spectrum man is willing to take corrective actions on his mistakes
  • An apology is just the start. To prove remorse, you must show change
  • Unexpressed emotions end up coming out sideways, creating a mess for our loved ones.
  • How to be equally parts ferocious and gentle
  • Why men turn to violence, especially young males
  • The confident, activated self that comes online during physical practice bleeds over into the rest of our lives
  • By tracking our breath, body language, eye contact, and subtle somatic clues, we improve our relating skills
  • We don’t always notice change, because it happens so slowly
  • Jeddy’s experience with the physical, bloody, and confrontational nature of Trevor’s workshop
  • Disembodiment is impossible if we fully & willingly experience our fears
  • What is the ego’s place in men’s work?
  • Learn to view everything as a tool, and practice how to use it for the highest good.
  • How to reactivate healthy touch between men 
  • The areas where we feel “not enough” are actually our greatest gifts. 


Connect with Trevor:

Trevorspring.com – online course, physical practice, brotherhood, breathwork, coaching, 

Instagram @wild_and_wise

He is also a leader in Sacred Sons circle, check out their website.