How many of our pains stem from expecting life to run smoothly? Our guest, Abel Gonzalez, is hyper dedicated to shifting men’s mindsets into viewing mistakes and roadbumps as invaluable growth catalysts. As a 6 time competitor on American Ninja Warrior, he has proven practical tactics and soulful outlooks that are sure to excite & ignite. We also cover topics such as feeling emotions FULLY, practicing methods of active meditation, and awakening the warrior within. 

Show Notes:

  • Abel’s experience participating in the American Ninja Warrior competition for the past 6 years
  • A boy can dodge responsibility, while a man must meet it head on
  • How Abel’s tumultuous childhood taught him invaluable lessons
  • Take what’s useful, and discard the rest
  • Expect mistakes, problems, and complications as they are part of life!
  • Feel the emotions fully, while keeping in mind you are not your feelings.
  • Listening and implementing advice from others is vital for growth
  • Highly recommended book selection – “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Viktor Frankl
  • Look into active forms of meditation that you can integrate into your daily life
  • Losing and failing are fundamental experiences to ultimate success
  • There is a process to success, start by getting curious and study high achievers.
  • When our backs are against a wall, another level of inner warrior awakens
  • Working out, lifting, and exercising should be fun! If it’s not enjoyable then the habit won’t stick

Connect With Abel:

Instagram @weareallabel for content and info on his academy in S. Texas

#WeAreAllAbel – Use his hashtag as a reminder that no matter what, you can achieve your dreams