RMP 115 - Embrace The Diverse Range Of Masculine Expression with Alex Levy

Alex Levy is ultra important to the RMP, as he is our first gay guest and member of our Fire Circle Community. His sexual orientation has given him a unique and valuable glimpse into masculine culture. Regardless of our identities, there are areas in our lives where we feel inadequate and shame for not fitting in. Alex shatters those illusions, and reminds us that every expression and iteration of Man is equally respected. We also cover common misconceptions about gay men, the importance of being rock solid in our core beliefs, and advice on creating safe environments for open expression.

Show Notes:

  • The damaging effects of using words like “gay” in a condescending or hurtful manner
  • Why men fear being thought of as gay, bisexual, or anything besides hetero
  • The healing potential of men’s work, especially when dealing with wounds dealt by other men
  • Sometimes trauma’s are so repressed that we don’t even know they are there
  • Straight men subconsciously believe that if they even spend time with gay men, they will be perceived as feminine, weak, or gay. 
  • Pop culture and the media’s role in how we perceive the LGBTQA community
  • “Do I Sound Gay?” – documentary recommended by Alex
  • How do we create an environment where gay men feel free to express and be their true selves?
  • Alex shares his story about simultaneously dealing with health issues and diving into shadow work
  • Common misconceptions that straight men hold towards gay men
  • How being solid in your core beliefs will greatly relieve resistance


Connect with Alex:

Instagram @alexlevy_intuitive

Website: Alexlevyonline.com for info about his intuitive readings, spiritual life coaching, and more!