RMP 114 - Launch From A Foundation Of Fatherhood with Mark Winkler

Mark Winkler has been working with at-risk youth, connecting fathers, and uplifting the masculine for decades. We are honored to have him here, championing fatherhood and all those dedicated to serving future generations. There are countless young adults and children struggling due to a lack of positive male role models, and solving this is paramount to the RMP’s mission. Mark also dispels the notion that biology is the most important aspect of fatherhood, advocates for full expression in all men, and teaches us how to create safety for women.

Show Notes:

  • A man never loses his sense of playfulness and youthful energy
  • Why love has the potential to transform everything and everyone
  • Fatherhood is for everyone, regardless of whether or not we biologically have a child
  • A step father is a father who STEPPED UP
  • A father teaches one to be the best version of themselves
  • How our youth will benefit from this movement and conversation
  • Why it’s poisonous to withhold our expression
  • A true leader gives praise freely and supports his community
  • Providing for our love ones is the priority, the rest is bullshit
  • Your life won’t improve without your active participation
  • The first medicine of men is RELATABILITY
  • Creating safety for women is our goal, and it becomes more obvious when we have a daughter


Connect with Mark:

“My Daughter’s Keeper” – Amazon link to purchase Mark’s book

www.markrwinkler.com – Connect with Mark, sign up for his Fatherhood Circle, and Dinners With Dads

Manhoodcamp.org – organization focused on guiding, teaching, and mentoring at risk youth. 

YouTube: “Parenting During The Coronavirus Crisis”