Chelsea Didier has an expansive background in shamanic work, dance, performance art, and entrepreneurship. Her balanced approach is welcomed, as she wonderfully explains the relationship between loving softly, but yet also assertively. This dance between types of love never ends, and Chelsea’s perspective is fundamental to finding harmony in relationship. We also cover topics such as why healing OUR OWN trauma is our primary responsibility, how to relate to sensitive females, and the differences between being assertive vs. domineering.

Show Notes:

  • Why fluidity and flexibility come more easily to those with a more feminine disposition
  • Start drawing boundaries now, as it takes practice to perfect.
  • How to relate with open, sensitive females
  • What is the difference between being assertive and being overly dominant?
  • Learning how to navigate and control our energies without inspiring fear
  • What it’s like to constantly feel a mans’ gaze
  • Compassion will melt all blockages and illusions
  • Why men and women need to stay in dialog about gender roles, sexuality, desire, etc.
  • Why gaining awareness over our own traumas is the most important thing we can do to raise the collective consciousness
  • In an environment of blame and finger pointing, very little progress gets made in the gender conversation.
  • Why the woman writes the rules for courting game


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