With a background in Neurokinetic Therapy, our guest Charles Clay teaches from holistic principles to bring our physical and emotional lives into pristine health. Charles shares his heart and illuminates us on topics such as making peace with fear, learning from death, and mastering our attitude. Making our healing and growth a PRIORITY is often difficult for men, as we always have something “to do”. May this episode inspire you to find the courage to confront your most dreaded fears!

Show Notes:

  • Fear is part of being human, though we define the relationship
  • The shells that keep us safe eventually become limiting
  • We must decide whether to numb out or lean in
  • Our greatest tool is remembering that we control our attitude
  • Learn to Dance and Breath with Fear
  • Charles’ intense story of a severe physical accident
  • Why recognizing the metaphysical origins of pain can lead to big shifts
  • How the fear of vulnerability is a trap
  • World peace starts with INNER peace
  • Normalizing conversations around fear and pain help us confront the truth
  • The myth of the lone wolf who never experiences fear or pain
  • How leading with curiosity can lead to new levels of joy and excitement
  • Death teaches us to live, if we have the courage to face it


Connect with Charles Clay:

Hit Charlesclay.coach  for details on his services, including his M Powered Men’s Group Training

Instagram @charlesclay.coach

Facebook: Charles Clay