Community, tradition, and rites of passage are vital to Manhood, and our guest Chief Phillip Scott is highly qualified in this arena. As a leader in indigenous and ceremonial circles, he provides us with timeless wisdom for our awakening process. We cover topics such as how to heal emasculation wounds, why we should seek guidance from our elders, and what we can do to support the masculine movement. 

Show Notes:

  • There is an indigenous science to help human beings awaken, and rites of passage plays a major role
  • Why expanding our definition of family is vital to raising a new, healthy generation
  • A diversity of influences is important for growth
  • Differentiations between men/women and masculine/feminine from a tribal, indigenous perspective
  • Rigid definitions of gender can lead to harmful judgements aimed at ourselves and others
  • How to heal from emasculation wounding
  • Rites of passage will decrease acts of aggression against women and Earth
  • The rites of passage container is held by the ancestors
  • A rites of passage must have a sacrifice – though it’s not always blood
  • Chosen ordeals vs. the mainstream approach of avoiding challenge
  • Contemporary Comforts ARE KILLING MEN
  • Warriorship is about discovering what you are meant to do, for the benefit of all
  • In indigenous cultures, each representation of warriorship is drastically different
  • Seek out medicine people and wisdom keepers, and enter with humility
  • Those with powerful knowledge are typically willing to share
  • Elderhood is not always directly correlated with biological age
  • Why distrust of authority is commonplace, but not always helpful
  • The true meaning of impeccability
  • The path chooses you, and we give it our heart
  • We will awaken collectively, or not at all
  • Entering into indigenous space is best done by leading with respect, sensitivity, and compassion


Connect with Chief Phillip Scott:

Find out more about his work at

Facebook – Ancestral Voice, Institute of Indigenous Lifeways

Most effective way to reach him is by cell – # (415) 310-0981 – Call or text for info on ceremonies, pilgrimages, and rites of passages