Licensed therapist, wilderness guide, and men’s work leader are just a few of the experiences that have given Michael Gay a profound perspective on life. He shares his soulful and realistic definition of shadow work, explores the relationship of safety and creativity, and reminds us to be more than we do. Michael’s loving and forgiving approach to life is deeply moving, making this an exceptional contribution to the Rising Man Movement.

Show Notes:

  • Michael’s definition of shadow work
  • The relationship between Repression and Creativity
  • The effectiveness of non-cognitive, experiential approaches to healing trauma
  • Be your story, don’t tell it
  • Shadow work is never a one and done, and can’t be done alone
  • We are naturally moved by depth and presence
  • What role does safety play in shadow work and men’s work?
  • Trust in others is vital for safety to thrive
  • Safety increases our capacity for connection and intimacy
  • “We are only as sick as our secrets”
  • Forgiveness must be felt authentically, it cannot be forced
  • Somewhere inside you there is a capacity for empathy and seeing yourself in their shoes
  • How do we heal the perpetrators?
  • Why we hold onto the most negative experiences and emotions
  • The difference between ceremony and ritual
  • Learn your unique way of giving life to the world


Connect with Michael Gay:

Instagram @lightningtree_mg

He helps facilitate Sacred Sons experiences – Weekend deep dives once a month thru 2020, including shadow work

Learn more about his therapeutic work on his psychology today profile

He does 1-on-1 experiential in person events, frequently near Boulder, CO

Email: – for inquiries