Josh Macin is a former Jiu Jitsu champion turned physical and emotional detox master. His deeply painful journey and subsequent search for higher connection, has taught him invaluable truth about living from the heart, shining light on shame, and bodily healing. His dedication to resiliency and pristine health makes for a knowledgeable, inspiring, and cutting edge interview.

Show Notes:

  • A boy hasn’t undergone a large enough transformation to stop caring what others think about him.
  • An integrated man is as equally fierce as he is loving
  • “Heal the boy and the man will appear” – Tony Robbins
  • Josh’s healing journey from constantly wearing the warrior mask.
  • Embracing our vulnerability as humans is part of the awakening journey
  • How to turn the painful metamorphoses of life into learning lessons. 
  • The power of plant medicines, fasting, and gut biome health
  • Josh’s experience of deep pain while living with mercury poisoning
  • Most common health issues facing average Americans/First Worlders
  • Pesticides, fertilizers, air quality – all contribute to environmental toxicity
  • Substances to avoid – trans fat, dairy, gluten, fluoride, and more
  • Why Josh believes plant lectins are inflammatory
  • The detoxing will not get rid of all your problems, but it makes you better equipped and more clear to embrace your inner journey.
  • Why mineral deficiencies commonly occur in our modern diet
  • Chemicals are in tap water, even after using a Brita or similar filter. 
  • Natural Spring water is filled with potent life force 
  • The importance of curiosity and honesty in our pursuit of happiness.
  • All we have is our word, everything else is up for interpretation. 


Connect With Josh: – info on his 60 day detox program

YouTube – Detox Dudes

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