Seth Bernard is an educator, musician, and leader in the ecological healing justice movement. Seth’s dedication to Earth’s healing wouldn’t be possible without a strong connection to his purpose, a selfless heart, and deep masculine integrations. He brings to the table unique guidance on topics including environmental responsibility, vocal leadership, and learning directly from nature. Listen in and RISE UP!

Show Notes:

  • A boy climbs the mountain hoping everyone notices, while the man climbs to gain greater perspective
  • Why is it important to advocate on behalf of the environment?
  • The importance of healthy, functioning ecosystems
  • Why do we constantly say that we “are really busy”?
  • In presence, we find meaning and a greater sense of belonging
  • There is always another level of relating more deeply with nature
  • Fascsim is the merging of state and corporate powers
  • Life is happening all around us – are we paying attention?
  • If you don’t know how to help, then help the helpers
  • When you identify a societal problem, it is now your responsibility to act towards justice.
  • We are culture creators, not consumers
  • Why Seth identifies as a recovering colonizer
  • Be more than ally, be a vocal leader
  • Your well intentioned action might end up damaging, this is part of the learning process. 
  • Reverence and curiosity are tools to lead with
  • Breathing life into the pre-existing treaties that the current US government ignores will be a game changer for indigenous rights. 
  • Why a man highly values and respects the divine feminine


Connect with Seth: – Musician led collective focused on social justice, environmental healing, creative empowerment, and community building. Check calendar for events. – youth, nature, empowerment and education – does a men’s retreat once a year in Michigan, focusing on personal and community resilience.