RMP 104 - Embodied Men Can Express Their Feminine with Orion Ohev


Orion Ohev’s mission is to support and empower others in living from their full, authentic truth. He masterfully weaves the magical and logical to enlighten us about the healing journey and the huge role our energetic anatomy plays in that process. His fresh perspectives about men and their inner feminine are constructive to shifting out of shame and into full expression. We also talk about finding our natural masculine/feminine ratios, healing our inner child, and taking maximum responsibility over our lives.

Show Notes:

  • What happens at the intersection of magic and science.
  • How much responsibility can you take for yourself?
  • “Where can I step up my self care?” and “Where are my wounds are running the show?” – Being in those questions are the mark of a man
  • Loving the wounds is the most trustworthy method in the healing journey
  • What is your most natural masculine/feminine ratio?
  • The differences between mothering and fathering
  • What does a healthy, integrated feminine look like in a man?
  • Masculine energy is decisive, action-ready, and will do what needs to be done.
  • The difference between etheric, emotional, and mental bodies
  • How beliefs impact the brain and form our identity
  • Why, under a default upbringing, the wounded child is often in the driver’s seat of life
  • The heart connects us to spirit, we can feel it more easily when we slow down
  • No one can make the pain go away, or heal you immediately


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