Do you need sex to feel loved? Can there be intimacy without touch? Stefanos blows the lid off sexual and romantic fallacies while sharing practical tips to inspire inner joy. Stefanos is a dynamic relationship and purpose coach, and today he speaks to the deepest wounds and pains we share as men. Topics also include the importance of deliberate & temporary celibacy, the difference between solitude and isolation, and the usefulness of crystal clear intentionality.

Show Notes:

  • Awareness and maturity are the hallmarks of a man.
  • Sex encompasses far more than the body
  • Why we become lazy and complacent with sex when in long term relationships
  • Tips on maintaining relationships
  • Deliberate celibacy can be revolutionary to rewire our relationship with the feminine
  • There is nothing wrong with desire, but there are often subconscious manipulative behaviors that come up
  • It’s a fallacy that men want sex more than women. 
  • If your intention is not crystal clean, women will feel that. 
  • How can I serve my women? – A helpful mindset
  • Where is your sexual desire coming from? It’s often coming from distorted beliefs
  • Sexual intercourse is inherently creative, and this energy can be used in infinite other ways. 
  • When we write down our thoughts and journal, we can ask questions about how we operate and gain awareness to create change.
  • Physical intimacy doesn’t always mean sex. Start experimenting. 
  • Sexual intimacy will come organically as you explore heart centered intentions.
  • Once we commit, then accountability becomes the focus
  • Self reliance includes leaning on other men you respect, but also dealing with life by yourself. 
  • Solitude is deliberate and growth oriented, while isolation is unconscious and victim based.

Connect with Stefanos:

Instagram @stefanossifandos – events for men and women. “Reclaim Your Kingdom” – 8 week online immersive. Explore 8 core principles on navigating masculinity in modernity. Wealth, relationships, purpose, and more. Other advanced programs coming up, follow him for details!