“Fear isn’t going anywhere … so why not invite it in for tea?”

As a breathwork facilitator and men’s work coach with a passion for uplifting men, our guest Dave Weale positively understands the stories and dynamics keeping men playing small. Dave was once a top tier professional skier, until an accident upended everything. How Dave responded to the physical pain, broken dreams, and ensuing identity crisis says worlds about his character. Today he shares his top rules for transmuting fear, including how to cultivate inner safety, why clear purpose is paramount, and how authentic expression can flip stagnancy. 


  • [05:07] How choosing surrender and prioritizing health have led Dave into a totally different life.
  • [09:21] How a skiing accident revolutionized Dave’s understanding of purpose and wellness.
  • [14:29] What Dave has learned from major unexpected transitions and challenges.
  • [19:09] The difference between managing & releasing expectations.
  • [24:06] How a social media break allowed Dave to ground and integrate.
  • [31:02] Are the majority of mens’ fears today more socially based than actually physically threatening?
  • [38:11] Why a physiological understanding of the nervous system is vital for proper regulation.
  • [43:17] How can we raise the next generation to feel safe enough to express authentically?
  • [44:39] How can men embody FATHERHOOD even without being a parent or directly spending time with children?



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