“Decide what actions are in alignment to your vision and current circumstances, and GO FOR IT!”

By getting out of his own way and letting intuition and faith guide his path, today’s guest Jeremy Richardson claimed an extraordinary life. Jeremy met each fear and challenge head on, imparting him with crucial wisdom for life’s winding roads. In our conversation, we explore how to identify intuitive signals, get to the root of your insecurities, and define success on YOUR terms. From healing unconscious patterns to reckoning with his Blackness, Jeremy’s admirable pursuit of Truth makes for an inspiring interview.


  • [05:51] How Jeremy’s departure from his successful company sparked a creative transformation.
  • [12:29] Why Jeremy succeeded in his mission despite the obstacles.
  • [20:11] How following his heart and excitement led Jeremy into perfect opportunities.
  • [27:01] How meditation and spiritual work spurred a total shift in career & purpose.
  • [31:41] Why Jeremy follows his gut feelings and instincts and ways to track this type of knowledge.
  • [36:06] How unhealed traumas and insecurities wrecked Jeremy’s nervous system in the startup world. 
  • [40:11] Where racial programming impacted Jeremy’s success story.
  • [46:24] Why meeting your fears head on diminishes their power.
  • [54:35] How connecting with their ancestry helped Phil and Jeremy ground into their identities. 
  • [56:45] Why forgiveness towards the colonizer has been integral to Jeremy. 
  • [1:04:01] How dissolving unconscious patterns leads to growth and change.
  • [1:09:50] Do men devalue art and creative works?


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