Calm down. Take a deep breath. Anger is violent, dangerous, and scary. All of these beliefs and stories about a very basic and normal human emotion have had major implications in our society. What if we could teach our men to express anger in a healthy, productive way?


Anger – a misunderstood emotion
  • Being the “Nice Guy”
  • Anger is DANGEROUS and bad
  • Natural human emotion that must be experienced
    • Anger is an AMAZING energy that gets to be expressed
The Consequences
  • Men are walking around the planet like a fully-loaded weapon hiding behind a smile
  • There is NO safe space for men to express anger in a healthy way
    • Except for sports and entertainment (acting)
The Solution
  • Educating our children about their emotions
  • Encouraging them to express themselves in a way that allows for unfiltered expression AND keeps themselves and those around them safe
  • MEN stepping up to be the first to go, modeling what an embodied man looks like when he expresses the full range of emotions and comes back to center
    • The Haka
  • Pillow screaming activity OR Car scream
  • FInd a safe place
  • Let it RIP! – When you’re complete, take a deep breath and examine how you feel
    • Afterwards, answer these questions
      • How do I feel during this release?
      • How do I feel after?
      • Do I still believe that expressing my anger is bad/dangerous/scary/etc.?

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