When a man is in his full KING power, he is thinking beyond himself, and acts for his community. In relationships, he is the bedrock and supportive force. This also includes taking unpopular stands for the things in his life that truly matter and avoiding common toxic relationship patterns.

Key Takeaways and Links:

  • A Queen is a woman who has really found herself, including her truth, voice, and sense of purpose.
  • Don’t sell ourselves out to make our partner happy – that leads to resentment, and breaks trust because of our incongruity.
  • Strong women will push against us, only to make us better.
  • A woman wants you to stand your ground on the things that really matter.

Reflection Questions

  • How often do I compromise on the things that matter in order to make my partner happy? Where else does that show up?
  • What is the consequence of selling ourselves out?

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