We all have our struggles, fears, vices, and dragons to slay. It’s vital to remember that we are stepping up and facing these issues head on not only for ourselves, but for our sons and future generations. Learn to view this as an opportunity, not a burden, on this week’s Monday Morning Meditation.


  • The power of witnessing how a child moves thru the world and works thru challenges
  • If a man fails to slay his dragons, then his son will have to. The sons inherit the sins or faults of the father, in order to clear them.
  • See that as an opportunity, not a burden.
  • If I don’t tackle these issues, then my son or another man will have to take that on. Use that as motivation to do it now.
  • Allow the next generation to reach higher, it’s about more than just ourselves.
  • Every parent wants their child to have a better life than they had.
  • Conquering our fears makes it easier for the collective to take on similar struggles.
  • We all have our doubts, fears, vices, and addictions


  • Is there a man from your childhood years that struggles or at one time struggled with a vice or “dragon” of some sort? Do you share the struggle or a similar one? Where did the issue come from? How did they deal with the issue, what was successful and what wasn’t? What can you do differently? 
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