We often get engrossed in a project or relationship and lose sight of what matters most. By taking a mini vacation and re-evaluating our direction, we gain clarity and peace of mind. When we focus on our foundation, we simplify our lives and live from our truth.


  • Stepping out of routine – We don’t give ourselves the opportunity to take our heads out of the weeds long enough to see if this (relationships, job, project, or habit) is working for us.
  • Vacation – means vacating our lives and realities for the purpose of reevaluating and relaxing.
  • Mission driven men have a full plate of objectives to tackle. Are we being deliberate about reminding ourselves what matters most?
  • What am I really here to do? What do I want with this one life that I have?  What do I want to leave behind when I’m gone?
  • Living for the next achievement gets in the way of living simply
  • Everyone is watching everyone. The way you show up in the world is having an impact on someone, whether you realize it or not.
  • Try not to over complicate your business, relationships, or exercise practice. Focus on the foundation and the most fundamental aspects.

Five pillars to getting back to basics – live a full life and give back to others

  1. Get the proper amount of rest/sleep
  2. Put the right food in your body
  3. Do regular physical activity
  4. Resolve conflicts in relationships (with self and others)
  5. Reduce stress levels


  • What is the one self care practice from the 5 pillars that could use your attention the most? Do it for 21 days. Make the declaration specific with a clear, measurable, and actionable component.
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