Everyone has their own definitions and conditioning around words like masculine and man. As we teach and learn about masculinity on this show, it’s important to acknowledge that not every person in a man’s body wants to express masculine energy. We all get to decide for ourselves what kind of a man we want to become.  


  • How are WE, as a society, failing the lives of the people responsible for atrocities?
  • How to see every person as part of our greater family and community.
  • Defining “Man” – We are all going to have our unique associations with words like masculine and feminine.
  • Not all men want to wield primarily masculine energy, and that is their empowered choice
  • We must all decide for ourselves how much we want to show up in each of the two polarities.
  • We decide based on our vision of what kind of a man we want to become.
  • Terms and definitions around these words are anything but black and white.


  • Have a conversation with both just yourself and with another man to declare what kind of “man” you want to be.
  • What are the steps you can take to be the man you’ve always wanted to be? Which polarity would you like to express most often? Decide how you would like to show up in a variety of life situations.
  • Watch for the social distortions and charges around words like masculine and man.
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