The stories of the “Lone Wolf” and the “Self-made Man” have caused us to become resistant to asking for help. Collaboration is king, and for many men I work with, asking for help is the HARDEST thing we do. Sure, we can hunt alone thanks to modern technology and advancements, but should we?


  • Why do we try to do things on our own?
    • Stories about the “Lone Wolf” and the “Self-made Man”
    • What if people find out that I really DON’T know what I’m doing? (i.e. How will I appear to others? – ultimately linked to our sense of belonging and worthiness to the community)
    • “I SHOULD be able to figure this out myself”
  • Back to our NATURE
    • WE are pack animals
    • Our ancestors hunted in packs
      • When chasing giant mammals with spears and knives, you needed a PACK of men to take it down
    • Beyond hunting, we raised our children in community, we made decisions about the future in community, we came together and made agreements as a community
    • Now, we’ve created means to do it all alone
      • Modern weaponry makes it possible to be self-sufficient, self-sustaining
      • Technology has rendered the community, the village ALL but obsolete
      • LITERALLY engineered our way out of collaboration
      • EXCEPT, none of the modern inventions can account for connection and collaboration
    • Often we think about asking for help and the side of it where we get something in return
      • But, what about the person who gets to be of service?
    • Identify ONE area in your life where you are unsure of what to do, feeling overwhelmed, lost, or you could just use some support
    • Take a BOLD action and ask someone to support you in this endeavor

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