The prevailing story in our society is one that places comfort at the pinnacle. The problem is that if we are only seeking comfort, we stay small. There is no way to avoid discomfort if we want to level up and improve our lives and the world. What is one risky, sweat inducing endeavor that you can do in the next 24 hours to challenge yourself?


  • Our society highly values comfort. We are sold on this idea thru the media and advertisements
  • Nature is not comfortable, it is raw, and can be brutal
  • If we only seek comfortability, we stay small.
  • The objective as Rising Men is to choose challenge over comfort.
  • The only thing we should be comfortable about is being uncomfortable.
  • Where in our lives are we playing small? There is almost always one arena of life that we can grow in – career, finances, relationships, etc.
  • The most incredible transformations and stories arise from overcoming adversity.
  • We crave the ABC story – We want Acceptance, so we strive to Belong, so we can have a Community.
  • The problem with that story is what we sacrifice to belong – it usually relies on us falling back on old, comfortable, people pleasing patterns.
  • Choosing discomfort is one of the most masculine decisions we can make
  • Choose one area of your life that you are feel ready to make a change in. Decide to take a risky, sweat inducing action in that area. Do that thing within 24 hours, no longer. Share with another person or in the Rising Man Facebook group about this process.

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