Do nice guys really finish last? The “nice guy” mentality has its benefits, but can be problematic when we stay in that mindset at the expense of expressing our honest truth. The highly evolved man knows his values, and communicates and conveys his truth in all circumstances, regardless of whether others accept him or not.



  • Benefits of being the nice guy include: acceptance into social groups, make others feel safe, connect to other people.
  • The issue comes when we are ONLY concerned about being liked vs. being our authentic self.
  • Being afraid to speak our mind or our truth for fear that we will be shunned is a natural reaction.
  • True courage is demonstrated by BEING our truth. That might come in the form of words, actions, or our presence.
  • If you are holding something back, eventually you will become passive aggressive.
  • In romantic relationships, being the nice guy will land you in the friend zone
  • The Nice Guy is likable but will not be viewed as a leader.
  • The highly evolved man knows his values and will stand up for them at all costs.
  • Where are you going along with the status quo, while your heart is telling you to go against the grain?
  • Next time you connect with a stranger or acquaintance, they will probably ask “how are you?”. The challenge is to answer that authentically. Tap into your heart and speak from that place without using the mind to analyze. It might be something positive, negative, silly, sad, etc. The point is to be honest and unabashed. Notice the response from the other person. Experiment with this and share your response thru the comments or in the Rising Man Facebook group.   

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