In today’s modern world we are constantly in doing or consuming mode. There always seems to be another video to watch, dollar to chase, or house chore to accomplish. How often are we taking a pause from life by setting aside time to simply BE, breathe, and appreciate?



  • Using VHS as a metaphor for life
    • Are you living life in fast forward?
    • Are you PAUSING regularly? Build them into our routine
    • We want to get more done so we think we need to go faster, though it’s a myth.
    • We need to take breaks for maintenance
    • We’ve all heard this advice before, but are we actually following it?
    • There is more to life than getting shit done
    • Appreciate what we have right here in this moment
    • Our kids and people in our life are subconsciously modeling our behavior, so be the tortoise, not the hare.
    • Take a 30 min. pause from EVERYTHING in your life within the next 7 days
    • Just practice stillness. Stillness of mind, body, everything.
    • Don’t fall asleep, just be with yourself and resist the urge to grab your phone, think about your day ahead.
    • Just. Be. PRESENT!
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