Decision making has an extra challenge in these quarantined times. Do we err on the side of caution to appease others? Are we acting on feelings of frustration by rebelling against the authorities? It’s a perfect opportunity to check in with yourself and get HONEST about why you choose what you choose. Fear is everywhere, and it dissolves with confident awareness + faith. Ultimately, there is no such thing as a wrong choice. There are simply lessons to learn and consequences to accept. 

Show Notes:

  • Why is decisive action heavily valued in leadership?
  • Are your decisions more fear based because of the pandemic?
  • Taking responsibility means that we are willing to accept the consequences. 
  • Why fear keeps us locked in hesitation mode
  • Don’t decide on a path in order to make anyone else happy – including your mom, friends, or the authorities. 
  • Reckless rebellion vs paranoid hiding
  • There is no much thing as making a wrong decision, there only consequences to accept.