It is human nature to judge and evaluate our performance, whether it be at work, in relationships, or even while enjoying our favorite hobbies. We tend to oscillate between simply considering it “good enough” or kicking ourselves for not trying hard enough. As you’ll learn in this episode, there is a place right in the middle where we can honor ourselves fully AND honestly critique our efforts. Listen in as Jeddy shares his truth on navigating this internal dialogue with equal parts self love and honesty.

Show Notes:

  • Did you truly do your best? Did you give it your ALL?
  • How to honestly see your shortcomings without shaming yourself
  • It’s hard to proclaim our true perfection and goodness
  • Take a moment to celebrate and honor yourself for giving it your best, and having the honesty to call yourself forward
  • Where in your life are you not giving 100%? What would it take to go to the next level?