Our modern world is almost completely mechanized, automated, and sterilized. This has an overwhelmingly negative effect on our mental and physical health. We’ve grown accustomed to our convenient, instant gratification lifestyles but yet our hearts and hands yearn for the natural world. Listen in and learn to embrace the ancient, wild ways that will restore our abundant destinies.

Show Notes:

  • What does ReWilding Mean?
  • In our modern civilized world, we have largely lost touch with our naturalness
  • The separation for each other and the world is based in fear
  • How this disconnection from the wild is harmful to humanity
  • How the coronavirus is exposing many of these weaknesses
  • Collaboration leads to greater abundance than competition
  • The wisdom of nature may be largely forgotten, but it’s not lost
  • What are some ways that you can connect more deeply to your environment TODAY?