It’s okay to be overwhelmed, it’s part of the human experience. The mark of a Rising Man is one who honestly owns his experience, and takes steps in a healthy direction. When we are stressed and anxious, it can feel hopeless. The good news is that clearing these stuck feelings is often as simple as getting out into nature or doing breathwork. Listen in for Jeddy’s foolproof three step plan!

Show Notes:

  • Feeling overwhelmed is common, and it has a consistent solution.
  • How small healthy acts give us a boost
  • Overwhelm occurs when we don’t know where to focus our energy
  • What are the indicators that you are stressed and anxious?
  • 1st step: Catch yourself in the feelings of overwhelm
  • 2nd step: Pivot, change your focus
  • 3rd step: Take action, start with the most critical item
  • Remind yourself that you can, and have, faced these circumstances with excellence