KINGSHIP is earned through complete commitment to integrity, and takes nearly a lifetime to claim. Jeddy explains the major developmental phases of men, including knighthood and princehood. Taking full ownership over where we are in the journey is vital, as each stage must be lived fully before we can graduate onwards. You don’t need to be a king to be great, being PRESENT is the most crucial element on this masculine path.

Show Notes:

  • Kingship is the final stage of manhood, are you truly there?
  • The 4 major archetypes are page, knight, prince, king (Alison Armstrong’s theory)
  • Knighthood is about trial and error, learning, and exploration
  • Princehood is about building, serving, and preparing to lead in a massive way.
  • Kingship is about full expression, rooted actions, and community creation. 
  • Prince enters a dark night of the soul before he becomes a king, it’s when he must come to terms with his past
  • Kings must have a large well of experience to draw from.