One of the fundamental missions of this podcast is to support men in their free and full expression. Whether it’s sadness, shame, guilt, or anger, bottled up emotions will eventually burst out in a destructive way. In today’s episode, Jeddy shows us how to rip off the mask by sharing his uncomfortable, raw, and honest truths. We inspire others by how far we are willing to go, and Jeddy takes this one all the way.

Finding a safe space to fully express is often a challenge. If you are looking for a supportive and empowering environment, then check out our online brotherhood in the links below. 

Show Notes:

  • There comes a time when a vulnerable share is the most courageous action we can take
  • How to handle the moments when all of our buttons are being pushed
  • The hidden power of intentional breathing
  • How to express warrior energy in a healthy, aligned way.
  • We can suppress emotions or any energy for a time, but eventually it will start to impact the people around us
  • There are spaces in this men’s work community where we can express and be fully heard, supported, and accepted.