Jeddy shares his most recent electrifying insight on the single most powerful principle in Leadership. It’s so simple, yet often overlooked in our steadfast pursuit of greatness. Leadership skills are universally applicable across various situations in our lives, and we are all leaders of some type. While becoming a powerful leader is a lifelong journey, this episode gets down to the heart of the matter. Listen in, and RISE UP!

Show Notes:

  • Can you teach leadership?
  • Leadership is in our PRESENCE, it’s not determined by a title or position
  • Simply by our BEING, we make the biggest impact
  • Leadership is backing up words with actions, taking responsibility, and living our message
  • Leadership is simple, but it’s not easy.
  • Jeddy’s Mission – Create a generation of young male leaders who live by a code of values, demonstrate strong masculine leadership, and create safety in this world.