Do you find yourself stuck in the “perfection” story, i.e. trying to get it “right”, look good, and earn love and respect from others? Here’s some insights to help debunk the pursuit of perfection and create a new strategy that values the process over the results.


  • What is at the root of “perfectionism”?
    • Looking good, wanting to appear as though we know it all
    • Securing that we will belong and be valued
    • “They wouldn’t love me if they saw my mess”
  • Perfection vs. Impeccability
    • Latin “Peccare” meaning “to sin”
    • Literally translates to “without sin”
    • My interpretation is that impeccability has to do with “intention”
    • Did I do my best with what I know?
    • Take an inventory of 3 areas in your life (relationship, career, self-care, health, money, sex/intimacy, etc.)
    • See if you can find an example for each of those 3 areas where you are:
      • “Trying to do it “right””
      • Trying to look good
      • Hiding the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing
      • Ask yourself what it would be to show up IMPECCABLY instead of PERFECT

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