“The biggest imprint of a tattoo is who you are at that point and why you got it”

Drawing from 15 years of experience as a tattoo artist, guest Mark Nara has gained a unique perspective on the spiritual and psychological impact a tattoo has on the human condition. Mark champions tattoos as intentional ceremonial markers that honor a chapter of life and give our lives meaning. The conversation expands to the nature of identities themselves, such as why we create a self-image, how to interpret missteps or wrong turns in the evolution of identity, and how gender fluidity and transformation plays a role. Listen in for a primer on navigating the uncharted waters of this modern world and developing your own keen sense of discernment!



[03:31] Mark explains why he changed his name.

[11:18] Over time – do people tend to regret their tattoos? 

[16:15] How Mark gives tattoo guidance for people making mistakes. 

[22:55] Mark’s thoughts on shaping the next generation to live in masculine purpose.

[26:39] Jeddy’s take on trans men joining mens circles.

[36:15] On creating room for life lessons.

[45:06] How to give agenda free guidance without attachment to the outcome 

[53:08] Tips for discerning good from bad advice

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