“The plants, the stones, the fire … these are our ANCESTORS and they have wisdom to share”

Man has long been fascinated by FIRE and its transformational ability. From cooking to heating to forging, fire has been instrumental in humanity’s evolutionary journey. Join Shawn as he walks about in the Night and explores the deeper significance of this elemental energy.

What does fire by friction ultimately represent? What do the stones and rocks have to teach us? Listen in to find out and remember … find out who you are on the INSIDE by getting OUTSIDE!


[05:29] What can we learn from dusk and dawn? Why do certain creatures thrive in these in-between times?

[09:01] How human’s relational abilities set us apart from nature’s other beings.

[11:28] Why is mankind fascinated with fire? What’s the deeper significance here?

[19:22] What the creation of fire by friction ultimately represents.

[25:25] How rock is our first ancestor and what it has to teach us.

[31:02] An exploration into plant preferences including how it affects wood quality and its capacity to make fire.

[41:21] How getting to know your local trees can impact your life and the health of the ecosystem.

[47:11] Why fire is an instrumental part of the community’s story.

[51:04] How Alan Watts and modern scientific understandings reinforced Shawn’s belief in non-separateness.

[56:20] Where Nature connection and appreciation can change your perspectives + your life.

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