“The more time I spend looking at the character of a tree, the more seen I feel.”

Inter-special communication is possible – all it takes is SLOWING DOWN. This subtle transfer of wisdom must be experienced while out in Nature, unplugged from technology and open to life’s mysteries. Host Shawn Berry drops genuinely Earth informed teachings and explorations in this beauty packed installment of First Nature. Remember – get outside and find out who you are on the inside!


[08:35] What are the advantages of hiking and exploring Nature solo?

[16:09] Do the people in your life practice deep Nature immersion?

[20:20] Was Animism once part of every culture and worldview?

[27:34] How the language of Nature connection transcends the mental sphere.

[32:40] Is projecting our humanity onto other lifeforms helpful or unscientific?

[39:28] Are you appreciating how Nature supplies everything you eat and use on a daily basis?

[43:19] Why taking ownership over our lives is an act of service to Nature.



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