We think we are keeping ourselves safe and healthy by avoiding the painful and uncomfortable aspects of our lives. By hiding out and avoiding the topic, we block and delay our own growth. The unadulterated truth will create radical waves of freedom once one finds the courage to unleash it.

Key Takeaways and Links:

  • Why giving our regular lives a break for a period of time allows the deeper truth to show itself.
  • How sharing your deep issues with other men can multiply the blessings and lessons learned
  • Why the truth will set you free
  • How much am I still holding back?

Action Step:

  • Share a truth you’ve been hiding with a friend or another man that you trust.
  • Have the courage, no matter how uncomfortable. Tell them beforehand that you want someone to listen.
  • See what happens. Notice the closeness that is created by being the first one to be authentic.

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