Masculinity is in a time of great change, and the topic is generating millions of opinions. How many of those million are talking about rites of passage, the importance of expression, and men’s groups? Hauntingly few. While that sounds negative, there is a huge opportunity.  Our ancient, battle tested methods are effective, yet largely unknown. There is ample chance to take action on behalf of a new masculine. Start with using every interaction with a brother or sister as a time to anchor deeper respect and love. We need more brothers stepping up… Will you?


Show Notes:

  • Why masculine emotions are often suppressed internally and collectively.
  • Create a culture that celebrates, rather than confines, the masculine voice
  • Trust, Safety, and Context are important elements in masculine expression
  • Men’s work and brotherhood work are vital for the evolution of the planet
  • When men feel caged and confined for long enough, they explode

Reflection Questions:

  • Do you feel understood as a man in today’s society?
  • Are you actively changing the culture and being part of the solution?