“Love the World as your own Self, then you can truly care for all things” That is the simplest way to describe my learnings from the annual Sun Dance ceremony. I remembered the power in knowing that the ceremony begins anew with every waking moment. This time outside of society is highly cherished, as once we are free, we naturally reconnect with our vision.


Show Notes:

  • The value of taking time completely off technology
  • The history and meaning of the Sun Dance ceremony
  • The amount of prayer, commitment, and co-operation needed to make this happen
  • Leadership is not about what you say or do, but who you are. 
  • The most powerful men are often the most patient
  • We must act with the future generations on the forefront of our minds and acting on their behalf
  • The ceremony comes with us, back into our old lives.

Reflection Questions:

  • Where are we not thinking about the future generations?
  • What does it mean to live even more authentically?
  • What is stopping you from taking an extended break from technology, even a 3 day fast?