When faced with stress and adversity, one of the first instincts is to run straight for a time consuming, safe, easy, comfortable activity. It could be video games, Netflix, social media, weed, etc. We all hear that call, telling us to just “check out” for a bit, to de-stress, then we can face our lives tomorrow. Well, the truth is that “tomorrow” will never come. We must make the empowered decision to pursue our mission, in spite of the call of the couch, frequently. Tune in and learn great tools that make saying NO to the couch, easy.

Show Notes:

  • We all know the voices – “one more episode, one more bowl pack, one more beer”
  • A man left to his own devices will sell out to his vices, and hide out on his mission. 
  • Don’t let your couch get TOO comfortable with you
  • The solution is turning up the volume on the things in our lives that are healthy and aligned to our mission.
  • There is no off switch to the call of the couch, this challenge will always be there.
  • Energy follows attention. Apply that rule intentionally!
  • Meditation and mental discipline practices help train our attention span, making us better equipped to stick to the healthy path.

Reflection Questions:

  • The call will always be there, what will you do with that voice?
  • What are healthy practices or actions you could take to break from the call of the couch?