I broke a commitment … I gave my word and failed to back it up. Just two weeks ago, I was on the podcast teaching men to be their word. For me to stay within honor and integrity, I need you all to know that I was not that man last week. While it’s been tough as hell, I’m realizing that this mistake is teaching me way more than any victory ever could. In this episode I share with you some of the biggest realizations from the fall-out of my broken commitment.

Show Notes:

  • Honor is “doing the right thing, even when no one is watching”
  • Those who know me best know that I am willing to receive a harsh mirror for the sake of discovery. So that I may learn something about myself or my way of being that will empower me to become a better version of me.
  • Appreciating the fall-out for broken commitments is equally as important as keeping them.
  • If we put our word on a scale or spectrum, we’ve lost the power behind it from the beginning
  • Imagine how it feels revealing that I’ve broken a commitment after so recently speaking about this?
  • Values mean nothing until they are tested under the highest heat
  • The depth of pain we feel as a result of my own actions is a direct reflection of how much I care
  • Playing not to lose is NOT winning. Avoiding failure is NOT succeeding.
  • The greatest lessons are learned in the hardest falls
  • I can’t make anyone else happy, let alone EVERYONE. My own happiness resides in being who I say I am.
  • Winning is easy. But, losing…FAILURE…has the power to be a more motivating feeling than winning.

Reflection Questions:

  • What commitments have I made?
  • I am living in full integrity with those commitments?
  • How do I respond when I break a commitment?